Do Chinese Like Going to Outlets?

Shopping at outlet malls has become a widespread phenomenon among Chinese visitors in California, indicating a strong affinity towards this shopping experience. It’s evolved into something of a ritual and even a national obsession, capturing the attention and interest of Chinese consumers. So profound is this interest that entire blogs and forums are dedicated solely to discussing the incredible deals and discounts one can find at these outlet malls. The enthusiasm for this shopping experience extends beyond those who’ve the opportunity to visit personally, as Chinese individuals will eagerly recruit friends and family members who’re traveling to bring back gifts from these sought-after outlets.

Why Do Chinese Travel a Lot?

Chinese tourists have gained a reputation for their love of travel, often venturing to far-flung destinations in search of exciting experiences. But why do Chinese people travel so much? One key reason is the desire for leisure and relaxation. According to a Nielsen survey conducted in 2017, leisure is the top objective for Chinese tourists when they venture overseas. This isn’t surprising considering the fast-paced lifestyle and stringent work culture in China. Travel provides an opportunity for Chinese individuals to unwind and escape the pressures of daily life.

In addition to leisure, another major motivation for Chinese travelers is food experiences. Chinese cuisine is renowned worldwide for it’s rich flavors and diverse regional specialties. Many Chinese tourists embark on culinary journeys, seeking out authentic local dishes and famous restaurants. This culinary tourism trend has been fueled by the rise of social media platforms, where travelers share their food adventures and recommendations with friends and followers.

Another aspect that contributes to the travel obsession among Chinese tourists is shopping. Chinese consumers are known for their love of luxury brands and high-quality products. Outlet shopping has become increasingly popular among Chinese travelers, who’re attracted by the discounted prices and wide range of international brands. Outlets provide an opportunity for Chinese shoppers to purchase luxury goods at more affordable prices compared to domestic retail outlets, where prices tend to be higher due to taxes and import tariffs.

Chinese travelers also have a penchant for romantic getaways. Many couples choose to travel abroad to celebrate special occasions or to simply spend quality time together. Popular destinations for Chinese couples include scenic beaches, picturesque cities, and idyllic islands. These romantic escapes offer an opportunity for couples to create lasting memories in a romantic setting, away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

Lastly, adventure tourism is gaining popularity among Chinese travelers. The younger generation, in particular, is increasingly seeking adrenaline-pumping activities such as hiking, diving, and skiing. This trend can be attributed to the rise of a more adventurous mindset among Chinese millennials, who’re eager to explore new experiences and push their boundaries.

Cultural Exploration: Many Chinese Travelers Are Interested in Experiencing Different Cultures and Traditions. They Seek Out Destinations With Rich Histories, Ancient Landmarks, and Vibrant Local Customs.

When it comes to cultural exploration, many Chinese travelers express a keen interest in experiencing different cultures and traditions. Whether it’s visiting historic sites, exploring ancient landmarks, or immersing themselves in vibrant local customs, they actively seek out destinations that offer a rich heritage and unique cultural experiences. This desire to connect with the history and customs of other regions reflects the curiosity and open-mindedness of Chinese tourists when it comes to experiencing diverse cultures.


In conclusion, it’s evident that Chinese individuals have developed a strong liking for visiting outlet malls, both domestically and internationally. The popularity of outlet shopping has transformed into a cultural phenomenon, with dedicated online communities and passionate discussions about the incredible deals to be found. Even those who’re unable to visit outlet malls personally make sure to utilize their networks, enlisting friends and family to bring back sought-after items. The passion for outlet shopping has transcended being a mere pastime; it’s become a national obsession and a significant component of many Chinese tourists' travel itineraries.

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